"I felt like I had one of my best friends with me throughout the whole process!"

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Bride, 9.15.2023

You got planning under control but want an expert team to pop in for the last steps to make sure you're not missing anything?  Then, Wedding Management is for you!  You may have heard of "coordination" in the wedding industry -  this is similar, but we pack in so much more value!   Starting 10 weeks out from your big day, you will have up to four 1:1 meetings with your Lead Coordinator.  You'll catch her up on all that you've planned so far & she'll start to organize all the details, pointing out any blind spots and creating a final to-do list that will guide you through the remainder of planning.  She will collaborate with your vendors to create your day-of timeline and also lead your final venue walkthrough!  All of this leads straight into full coordination of your rehearsal and wedding day. Three additional team members will also be on-site during the wedding day to assist with vendor coordination and decor setup + takedown!   Our add-on Design & Rentals package is always available too - for additional design support and access to our rentals.


Wedding Management

If you're pretty confident in your planning abilities, but just want a bestie in the sidelines to guide you along and make sure you're staying on track - then this package is for you!  You will meet monthly with Taylor Paige, setting goals and to-dos for each month, continuously making sure you are on track! She will build you a curated list of vendors, organize all of your details, contracts, and keep your budget in line on the backend.  In the final months, she will take over vendor communication so you can take a breather before the big day!
 Couples with this package often say that they are able to enjoy the planning process so much more and with less stress than expected!  The TPT Team (up to 5 of us!) will be on-site to not only coordinate the day but to also provide setup + takedown support - this allows every one to celebrate all day long instead of assigning bridesmaids or Aunt Susan to place napkins or stack chairs at the end of the night.  Looking for rental decor and more help on the design side?  See our a-la-carte package below!  


Partial Planning

For the couples that want support through the entire process - someone to walk side-by-side with them through every decision & to-do.  This package comes with unlimited meetings, errands, and communication with Taylor Paige.  She'll not only organize all your details and handle your budget planning for wedding day AND rehearsal - but will take care of ALL vendor communication (say GOODBYE to a million emails!).  This takes out all the backend work on your end - meaning your tasks include only the fun stuff!
This package also includes our Design + Rentals package - leading you through a custom design process, bringing in the best vendors for your vision & then filling in any decor gaps with a $750 credit from TPT's rental decor inventory!  The TPT Team (up to 5 of us!) will coordinate your big day & also execute full setup and takedown so your friends and family don't have to lift a finger.  Our Full Planning package is ALL IN!


Full Planning + Design

Design + Rentals


*add this package to Partial Planning
or Wedding Management

Want a little extra help in the design process of your day?  Add this on and you will "upgrade" your package for anything design related - we'll have extra meetings during your planning process to help create a design mood board for the day, lead you through the design vendor process (set up and attend floral consults, acquire rental decor proposals, etc.).  You'll also receive $500 rental credit from our decor inventory - that we will deliver, setup, and takedown!


"I can't begin to thank Taylor enough for all she has done for us over our 18 months of planning together.  She has gone above and beyond for us. Even as she fought the toughest battles of her life - cancer treatment and a family tragedy - she never left us feeling anything less than.  Taylor is the most amazing, talented, passionate woman I have ever met. 
I absolutely love her love for love! 
Taylor - Thank you for loving and supporting me through all my last minute decisions, changing plans, and sticky situations.  I will never forget all you have done for us and for making all my dreams come true.  We appreciate you more than you will ever know!"

Bride, 6/18/2022


"When people ask if a wedding planner is 'worth it,' I immediately say YES and begin to list all the wonderful things you have done for me.  But it's more than just that.  You gave me the gift of time, peace of mind, and validation.  I stalked your page forever and remember wishing we could work together - until I finally bit the bullet and decided to make the investment. 
BEST DECISION!  Thank you for making my dreams a reality & helping me enjoy the process along the way. 
You are SO WORTH it!"

Bride, 7/24/2021

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Bride, 5/28/2022

"We could not have gotten to our big day without you, Taylor.  You helped us create the perfect day that is FAR more than we could have ever imagined. 
You put up with our frantic phone calls, constant indecisiveness & many changes, and hundreds of random emails. I know I can't actually realize all of the many more things you helped with behind the scenes, but I am FOREVER grateful for all of them.  Ian & I will miss our monthly meetings and phone calls. We are so thankful to have had you leading us and the entire team on our biggest day. You will always be so special to us!"


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Bride, 6/3/2023

“Where do I even start?! Taylor is incredible and a literal lifesaver! She has been with us since day 1, planning literally every piece with us. She was our contact with all of our vendors, which really took the stress off of us during planning and the day-of. Our wedding day was absolutely flawless and completely stress-free! Taylor was worth it in every single way. Best money ever spent! There is NO way our wedding would've gone the way it did without her. To have someone to talk with, vent to, problem solve with, and now become friends with was just the greatest experience. And I’m slightly sad that this process is over, just because we don’t get as much time with her now!” 


Elizabeth Ladean

Couple, 4/29/2023

"We just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you put in for us on our wedding day. What a sweet, selfless, true act of Jesus. With all your hard work, we were both able to enjoy every special moment of the day and we will always remember the biggest day of our life as nothing but many happy and positive memories. You were such a blessing to us! This is truly your calling (we've decided it for you, if you didn't already know!). Your kind heart and sweet soul will get you far!!"

Emily +Luke

Epic Productions

Bride, 5/20/2022

"Taylor Paige and her team are amazing! Very personable, caring, compassionate and easy to work with. They made our wedding day so much more simpler for us to enjoy without having to worry about all the small details. I would recommend them to everyone! Very glad we had them with us on our amazing day!!"


Bride, 6/3/2023

"Hannah is amazing!! The TPT Team stepped in at the last minute to help us (due to an unforeseen situation) and WOW! Once they stepped in, the whole wedding process got 1000% better. They had our backs through everything and took away so much of the stress so we could focus on the joy. If you are at all hesitant to book them, I highly recommend just meeting with them once, it becomes CLEAR how professional, kind, and capable they are."


Epic productions

Owner, Abbey Reigner Photography

"When I tell you that you need TPT in your life, I couldn’t mean it more. As a wedding photographer I get to work with different planners nearly every weekend and there is no team as perfect as The Perfect Touch. They want your day to be even more perfect than you could have ever envisioned. They want you to love every aspect and make sure that it’s all executed flawlessly where they handle all the hiccups without you even knowing. Wedding days are full of the unexpected and when TPT is at the wedding, it never fails to go seamlessly. If I could go back and have TPT at my wedding I would because their team is truly one of a kind!"


Abbey Regnier

Bride, 6/3/2023

"Hannah is amazing!! The TPT Team stepped in at the last minute to help us (due to an unforeseen situation) and WOW! Once they stepped in, the whole wedding process got 1000% better. They had our backs through everything and took away so much of the stress so we could focus on the joy. If you are at all hesitant to book them, I highly recommend just meeting with them once, it becomes CLEAR how professional, kind, and capable they are."


Epic productions

Bride, 6/16/2023

Finding and hiring Taylor and her team was one of the best decisions I could have made while planning our wedding!!! My husband and I were able to be present, relax and fully enjoy our wedding day knowing that Taylor and her team were on the job! I received so many compliments from family and the wedding party of how on top of the day she was and how well she handled the event. From keeping us on schedule, to sweet encouraging text messages and listening to my vents and stress sessions, Taylor was there for it all! I cannot thank her enough for everything and have no doubts in my mind recommending her for any brides in the wedding planning process. Thank you Taylor and the entire Perfect Touch KC team for helping us plan and execute our perfect day!


Photo kc

Bride, 6/3/2023