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Packages & Investment


You got planning under control but want an expert to pop in for the last steps to make sure you're not missing anything?  Wedding Management is for you--you may have heard it called "coordination" in the wedding industry.  Same thing! With this package, we will start meeting at the 10 week out mark.  You'll catch me up on all that you've planned for your big day & I'll start to organize all the details, pointing out any blind spots and creating a final
to-do list that will guide you through the next 6 weeks.  We will meet 3 times and I will also attend your final walkthrough!  I will take over full vendor communication at the month out mark, making sure all vendors are aligned on the timeline and set for the big day!  Want extra help with design or the setup on the day?  See below!


Wedding Management

If you're pretty confident in your planning abilities, but just want a bestie in the sidelines to guide you along and make sure you're staying on track - then this package is for you!  We will meet monthly, setting goals and to-dos for the next month & continuously making sure you are on track! I'll build you a curated list of vendors & then you handle the upfront communication.  I will organize all of your details, contracts, and budget on the backend.  In the final months, I take over vendor communication so you can take a breather before the big day!
 Clients with this package often say that they are able to enjoy the planning process so much more and with less stress than expected!  If you need extra design support, we can also add on one of the a la carte packages below!


Partial Planning

For the babe that wants support through the entire process - someone to walk side-by-side them through every decision & to-do.  This package comes with unlimited meetings, errands, and communication.  I'll organize all your details, budget planning, and take over all vendor communication (say GOODBYE to a million emails!).  I'll lead you through your custom design process, bringing in the best vendors for your vision & you'll have a $500 credit from my own rental inventory! 
My team will handle your entire day - you'll get TWO of us - to coordinate & handle full setup and takedown. 
This package is ALL IN!


Full Planning
and Design

*most popular

a la carte 


Design and Rentals

*add either of these packages to Partial Planning or Wedding Management

Want a little extra help in the design process of your day?  Add this on and you will "upgrade" your package for anything design related - we'll have 3 extra meetings, I'll create a design mood board for the day, and I will lead you through the design vendor process (set up and attend floral consults, get rental decor proposals, etc.).  You'll also receive $300 rental credit from our decor inventory and my team will be in charge of complete setup and
takedown of the day.


Setup and Takedown

Don't want Aunt Susan or your cousin Jess to have to setup all your decor and clean up at the end of the night? 
No problem, we can handle it!
You plan out all the decor, we'll have one extra meeting to make sure we capture your vision, and we will do full setup and takedown on the wedding day.

*opens at 12 months out

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