1. I'm an Enneagram 3w2 - I live and die by this role in every aspect of my life! Always pushing for more and for better while taking care of others along the way.  And if you look up the best careers for this type - guess what you'll see right at the top, wedding planner!

2. I married my smokin' hot husband on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland - the ultimate fairytale for this Irish girl!!

3. I'm OBSESSED with my dogs - but who isn't?! We have a one-eyed mini Yorkie named Preslee and a Great Dane named Guinness.

4. I STRONGLY believe an outfit isn't complete without one of these four things: pink, cheetah print, sparkle, or a big messy bun.

5. I am a cancer survivor! I underwent radiation treatment during the spring 2022 wedding season and am now in partial remission and living LOUD!

6. I've won every costume contest I've ever entered in...and of course, my pups have too!

7. I have a BS in Mathematics and also a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. You can Google what that means...but trust me, if you need an expert problem solver, I'm the one you want on your team!

8. I know every word to every T. Swift, Avril, and Kesha song ever.  LIKE EVER. And I've also been known to be pulled on the dance floor by past clients to show these skills off too!


More About Taylor Paige

Kelsey Brown

"I don't even know how to describe Taylor Paige and the experience and impact she made on myself, my husband, and our family.  We were hesitant if we really needed a planner or decorator, but hiring her was the best and easiest decision we made.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and
I am actually sad that my time with her is over!   You will not find
someone better - I was blown away!"