As a lover of all the pretty things + logistics and efficiency,  Taylor Paige felt conflicted in how to combine her skills into one single passion.   With a degree in mathematics and professional background in project management and process improvement, she never imagined she would succeed beyond spreadsheets and cubicle life.  That was until she planned her own wedding in 2018 and realized how incredibly valuable her skills were to the wedding world...and what is often missing from traditional wedding designers - the logics!  Taylor Paige is an enneagram 3w2 through and through (PS - google what the top careers are for this type and you'll see Wedding Planner at the top!)   She is the ultimate project manager and problem solver - combined with an eye of design, caretaker spirit, and a charisma that will make you feel like she's your best friend within the first 10 minutes of meeting!

She lives in Kansas City with her husband, Donald, and their 2 pups - a one-eyed mini Yorkie named Preslee and a Great Dane named Guinness (a crazy mix but the best of both worlds!).  She is a lover of costume parties, Taylor Swift, and Messenger Coffee's salmon toast.  In the 2022 wedding season, she battled through cancer treatment and is currently in remission, now dedicated to living LOUD!

Taylor Paige


Voted Best KC Wedding Planner


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Meet the TPT Babes



If you need the ultimate personal hype girl, Lead Coordinator Paxton is who you’re looking for!
She has worn several hats in the KC wedding world - as a venue manager, freelance assistant coordinator, social media manager - and now, Lead Coordinator for TPTKC!  

Her fave part of wedding days? All the First Looks - HANDS DOWN!   She loves witnessing the raw & genuine emotion of intimate moments - whether between the couple, with a parent, or your pup.

Outside of weddings, you’ll find her at the gym lifting all the heavy things, having girls nights, spending time with family, or dancing the night away at a country music concert. And if you ever play "Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert, get ready for a karaoke performance!

On your wedding day, she'll just feel like an extra bestie in your wedding party...she fits right in! 
Long story short - EVERYBODY LOVES PAX!


You'll never see Heather without the biggest smile on her face - one of the many reasons we love her! 

Heather is a native to Chicago - and is where she first started out in her wedding career. Two weeks after getting married in 2021, she and her husband made the move to KC to establish their own roots. When she was on the hunt for a new planning company, she quickly felt like family with TPTKC! 

Heather spends her weekdays as a 3rd grade teacher. She loves the color pink, is a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, and your go-to girl for all things whimsy and fun! Planning a bounce house at a wedding? Heather wants an invite!! If she's in the driver's seat, be prepared for her to belting out Christmas music all year round! And if you are trying to surprise her with a good time, she would love dinner by the beach at sunset with some ice cream afterwards. 

Her fave part of wedding days? Making you happy - which she'll go to the ends of the Earth to do. If you're looking for the most contagious upbeat & positive spirit, this is your girl!



Looking for a girl to always go the extra mile for you Welp, YOU FOUND HER! 👏🏼
No - genuinely - Ali is the epitome of the ultimate team player making sure everyone succeeds,
putting her all into every single moment, and paying attention to even the tiniest of details
to ensure your vision is executed perfectly.

Ali’s favorite moment on wedding days? Witnessing the pure magic when a bride first sees herself fully dressed in the mirror. “That’s when it all becomes real,” Ali says.
“You get to watch them soak in the first moments as a bride.” It’s these snapshots of unfiltered joy + realization that make every hectic moment worth it for her.

Ali has been with TPT since 2022, starting as an Assistant Coordinator & Decorator and then promoted to Lead Coordinator for all of her hard work, training, and commitment 👏🏼 She has the magic touch of providing that perfect blend of professional precision and personal care - getting the job done and feeling like your best friend at the same time.



When the bar closes down and the music fades, our girl Alaeyah is the one that comes in to pick up the pieces.  Her upbeat and positive spirit is always a bright light for the team at the end of the day.

As a high school student, her favorite part of working with TPTKC is having positive female influences as team members & watching them explore their passions.

She is currently playing "Golden Hour" by JVKE on repeat & if she won the lottery, she would first go on a shoe shopping spree!  On her bucket list is to travel to a tropical location out of the US.



Hannah is the most reliable soul you will ever meet - there is NOTHING that will deter her from keeping a promise, even if she has to go to the ends of the earth for you. And that is one of the million reasons why you’ll want her on your side come your big day!

Her favorite part of the wedding day is after the couple says “I do” and they walk back down the aisle together. She loves being able to see their radiant smiles and the happiness on their faces in front of their closest family and friends. She likens it to the feeling you get when “This Will Be” plays at the end of The Parent Trap. It’s the little moments for her!

Hannah is a huge foodie - always looking for food she has yet to try + making it an adventure! We asked Hannah what 3 things she would bring on a desert island with her and one of them was “some really good chips and salsa to snack on” - a girl after our own hearts, and sure to be one after yours!


Michelle’s wedding career first began in Tennessee. When she moved to KC almost two years ago, she was looking for a new wedding family to join. And man, oh man, is TPT so lucky to have her!! Michelle is known amongst other KC wedding vendors as one of the most friendly people they’ve ever met - she will make everyone feel special - from the venue owner to the teardown crew, from the couple to the ushers. Everyone has an important role to play - and Michelle sees that and cherishes that!

One fun fact about Michelle - she loves to travel!! As of 2024, she will officially have visited ALL 50 US States! She has also travelled overseas, touring as a professional singer to SEVENTEEN countries!! 

Our team describes Michelle as an organized leader, fiercely loyal, full of joy, often found dancing on the side of the dance floor, the friend you want on your side (on and off wedding day), and a "get things done" girly. 

A fellow vendor recently said: “Michelle was AMAZING! Many times, I never see the planner or they don’t make an exerted effort to meet all of their vendors and ask how they can help but Michelle did the opposite! It made me feel great and I loved getting to meet the planner behind the emails! Wish we could replicate you all for every wedding planner!!” and a bride: “I cannot say enough good things about Michelle! She made everything seem so easy + seamless from the beginning! Just truly the sweetest and most helpful human ever! I felt like I had one of my best friends with me throughout the whole process and especially on the day of! She did not miss a single thing! I could go on and on and about how great Michelle and the whole TPTKC team was! Truly, the best!”

And PS - if you tell her the dress code to an event is PINK (which it often is in our world!), just know that she’ll be raiding your closet because pink doesn’t really exist in hers 😅 but we love her for it!

Assistant coordinator
& Decorator


Brooke thrives on helping people - that’s easy to tell once you know she is both in the wedding industry and healthcare industry. Fun fact: she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up! According to Brooke, “Everyone deserves to feel supported, validated, and loved unconditionally in all aspects of life. With TPT, I feel like we get to be a small part of making them feel these things on one of their biggest days!”.

Trying to surprise Brooke with a Starbucks drink? She’ll take an iced white chocolate mocha! Trying to surprise her with a romantic dinner? She’ll have pasta - anything with Alfredo! 

& Business Coordinator 


Oh our girl, Courtney - our mega Swiftie, cat mama, Starbucks lover, everybody’s cheerleader…and let’s be honest, everybody’s favorite!! No really...our team voted Courtney as the “All-Around Favorite” for our 2023 season!!

On wedding days, you’ll see Courtney as an Assistant Coordinator and Decorator. But behind the scenes, she is our Business Coordinator working behind-the-scenes to keep our processes running smoothly! She loves weddings because of the organization and planning that leads to an amazing + stress-free outcome for couples. She thrives on ensuring everything she does is completed in a super efficient manner and also LOVES to see people happy - the perfect mix for weddings! 🥰

When we asked her for her best piece of wedding advice, she said: “Trust the process, but more importantly, trust your planner (hopefully us!!!!).”

Assistant coordinator
& Decorator


Alexa wishes that more couples had a late night food truck at their wedding…oh, and donuts! And if “Gunpowder & Lead” by Miranda Lambert happens to play, make sure there’s a mic available because that’s her go-to karaoke song!

We are so lucky to have her a part of the TPT Team - she is the ultimate team player and you’ll never hear her say, “that’s not my job.” She just puts her head down and gets to work! She would do almost anything for her couples…except swim with sharks (no, seriously, don’t ask her to do that!). 

Her favorite part of working for The Perfect Touch is seeing our couple so in love and joyful! She loves being able to use her skills and apply them to one of the most important days of someone’s lives - all while getting to meet amazing KC vendors, be surrounded by stunning florals, in the most beautiful venues… basically she loves all the gorgeous parts of a wedding come together (which - who doesn’t?).  

& Decorator


One thing to know about Abby - she firmly believes that Jack could have fit on the door in the Titanic.
I mean don’t we all agree?! When she’s not side-eyeing Rose for hogging the whole door, you can find her singing “Strawberry Wine” on karaoke night!

Want to make your way into Abby’s heart? Choreograph a dance with your wedding party and she’ll think you’re the absolute coolest…and might possibly be grooving with you on the sideline.  

Her best advice for couples getting married is: “Get a planner! Don’t do it alone and don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want!” (PREACH, ABBY!)

Assistant coordinator
& Decorator


You want someone who is your ultimate hype girl, ALWAYS has a positive attitude, and will keep the energy going from 8am to midnight on wedding day - Tiffany is the one you want!

A few fun facts about her - her go-to dessert is ice cream! She even had KC local favorite, Betty Rae’s, at her own wedding! Her favorite flavor is the non-dairy chocolate! Tiffany was also a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs for eight years - so she is a sucker for special surprise choreographed dances. And she never gets tired of the sweet and silly moments!

The best piece of advice Tiffany can give couples is to find opportunities to take it all in! The concept of a wedding is so beautiful - to have all of your people in one place at one time. The production of the day can get overwhelming and distracting, but she wants to help all couples savor the small moments!

& Decorator


Dalton wanted to be a superhero when he grew up, but he is currently completing his masters in social work (which sounds exactly like what a superhero would do!). When he isn’t in school or bringing our couples’ visions to life, you can find him cuddling his cats!

And if you somehow have contact with Miley Cyrus, let Dalton know because he'd LOVE to meet her!

His favorite part of working for The Perfect Touch? “The weddings are sooo pretty and magical!” Dalton loves weddings because he, himself, dreams of having a wedding someday - and he’s gathering all the pretty and magical ideas we plan along the way!  



Our Values

celebrating all love
balance of professional & personal
always a leader, never the boss

Our Values

Assistant coordinator
& Decorator


Ann is the matriarch of a big Italian family, and will welcome you in with open arms - so we hope you’re ready to be a part of the familia! If you catch her at the bar when she’s not working, she is sure to have an extra dirty vodka martini in her hands, maybe a Tater Keg if you’re at 54th Street, and will want to share funny stories. 

Her favorite wedding memory is from her son's wedding - during the Mother-Son Dance, the groom invited his 4 other brothers to the floor. So she was able to dance with all 5 of her sons, creating the most special moment.

She loves weddings because at the beginning of the day, it feels like taking a blank slate and creating beauty! She loves making people happy (it’s that big mama heart!) and wants to make sure that your vision of your special day comes through.



"I don't even know how to describe Taylor Paige and the experience and impact she made on myself, my husband, and our family.  We were hesitant if we really needed a planner or decorator, but hiring her was the best and easiest decision we made.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and
I am actually sad that my time with her is over!   You will not find
someone better - I was blown away!"

Bride, 10/8/2021


"As someone who is very organized and detail oriented myself, I originally didn’t think I needed a coordinator. However, a friend highly recommended Taylor so my fiancé and I hired her and BOY are we glad we did. Hands down the best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process. Taylor is a rare mix of methodical and the best hype woman you could ever want. There were multiple instances where she caught oversights on our end or on the vendor side (it can happen more easily than you think when there are 500 tiny details to keep track of!). Not only that, but Taylor is highly connected and well-respected in the wedding world and I didn’t realize how valuable those relationships were until we had to find a new photographer a month out from our wedding and she found a new one within 24 hours. Not to mention, her ability to negotiate and her attention to detail meant avoiding costs that we would have otherwise incurred because of our lack of knowledge and/or connections. Taylor is essentially the best insurance policy you can get for your wedding - she’s the first one to jump in if something goes wrong, and, really, she catches it before it even does. Not only that, but she knew exactly what to say when the nerves or stress were taking over and she truly made it the best day of our lives. If you were debating whether or not to hire Taylor, this is your sign to do it - and do it before she gets scooped up by someone else!!"

Bride, 9/17/2022